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Remodeling Contractor

I would like to introduce you to Day Dream Builders LLC. and myself. My name is Dave Tomlinson and I have been in the construction industry and building people’s dreams for 37 years. Most of my career I have been renovating and remodeling homes, historic buildings, apartment complexes, hotels and more. I’ve spent the last 17 years right here in Central Oregon.

I started in Southern California in 1977, at 20 years old building individual, custom and track homes as well as remodels. Moved to the San Francisco “Bay” area in 1991 and began my journey in the multi-unit apartment, townhouse and condo complexes as well as seismic retrofitting historical buildings and high-rises.

I personally am capable of drawing a complete set plans, framing, finish carpentry, drywall, painting, electrical, plumbing, tile, siding, roofing, concrete, pretty much everything. My employees are also well versed and skilled by adding cabinet building and custom paint/stain lacquer finishes to our list of works. In short, we are capable of doing pretty much everything construction.

I’d like the opportunity to work with you whenever the situation arrives. There are no tasks to remedial or complex.


Dave Tomlinson